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1964 Rickenbacker 365F full-bodied guitar in Mapleglo.  This unusual guitar appears in the time warp in between the “old style” F-body models, ending in 1961-62 and the “new style” F-body models beginning around 1966/67.  It definitely has an “old style” body with the old-style pearloid fretboard inlays; however, both sides of the double-bound body are done up in a unique “white-over-black” two-layered binding seldom seen on a Rickenbacker instrument before or since.  The white pickguard and truss rod cover are original, the potentiometers date to mid-1964 as does the serial number on the jackplate, which has but a single output without Ric-O-Sound.  Comes with an “old style” musical note Ac’cent vibrola and black HSC.    







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Welcome to Ron's Vintage!