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Fender 1959 Jazzmaster in Sunburst with gold anodized pickguard.  This guitar is in near mint condition and is a very fine example of the early Jazzmaster, a model introduced by Fender in late 1958.  The gold anodized aluminum pickguard was a feature of the earliest Jazzmasters; it was later replaced with multi-ply guards made of nitrocellulose in either tortoiseshell (usually for sunburst models) or white (often for custom-colored models).  The original concept behind this guitar was that there were separate “lead” and “rhythm” circuits, with separate pre-set controls each engaging both pickups; with a flip of a slider switch, the player could break from lead to rhythm mode and back; the rhythm channel T/V controls are two discreet “thumbwheels” located by the selector switch.   Comes with a very clean original tweed hardshell case with gold plush lining.







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Welcome to Ron's Vintage!