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Fender 1960 Jazzmaster in Blue Ice Metallic.  The body, neck and headstock are refinished and it has a repro “mint green” guard. What can I tell you?  This was my first foray into rehabilitating a Jazzmaster – in this case, someone had painted it with exterior house paint and the guard was MIA.  I got it for a song from a local dealer who had taken it in on trade.  I thought it would look cool in this custom color, but later learned that this finish color is not period-correct for 1960.  Nonetheless, the pro nitro refin job, also by Norm Issac, looks pretty good.  As was typical for some '59-'60 Fenders, the serial # is stamped on the bottom of the neckplate.  Brown OHSC.







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Welcome to Ron's Vintage!