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Rickenbacker 1964 model 1999 bass.  Along with a lineup of guitars produced for export to Rose Morris in the UK, Rickenbacker produced this “S” model export bass.  Rose Morris designated it as the model 1999.  In Rickenbacker terms, it was the same as a model 4001S, “S” standing for “Standard,” with no body binding and dot neck, vs. the “Deluxe” model 4001, with checkered body binding and crushed pearl fretboard inlays. (For examples of the Deluxe models, see “Vintage Basses,” below). The model 1999 is highly desirable because of its use by many “British Invasion” artists in the mid-1960s and its relatively limited production.  The model also received a big boost later on when artists like Paul McCartney and Chris Squire of Yes began using their 4001S and 1999 models to add the distinctive Rick “clank” sound to their repertoire.  That sound is in part attributed to the horseshoe bridge pickup found on all Rick 4000/1 series basses through circa 1968.







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