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Rickenbacker 1968 model 4001 solidbody bass guitar in Mapleglo.  This example is in excellent condition and has the “deluxe” appointments of crushed pearl  inlays, checkered body binding, bound neck and Ric-o-Sound stereo and mono output jacks. All original with black OHSC.  The model 4001 featured “neck-thru” construction where the neck – from headstock to body end – is one piece of maple with body and headstock “wings” attached to the sides.  This example also has the “horseshoe” bridge pickup, which was modeled after the pickup design patented by Rickenbacker in 1934 for its first electric guitars.   The “pickup cover” on top of the strings is actually part of the pickup and contributes to the sound.  Starting in 1969, Rickenbacker replaced the horseshoe pickup with a hi-gain in the bridge position for the 4001 model.  Although the first Rickenbacker bass was produced in 1957, 1960s Rickenbacker solidbody basses are rare.  The model 4001 basses were not very popular until the early 1970s, when various “name” artists began playing them.  Thereafter, the neck-thru model 4001/4003 became the most popular instrument in the Rickenbacker catalog, a phenomenon which has lasted until the present day.







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