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Rickenbacker 1969 model 4001 in Fireglo.  Beginning in late 1968 the design of the model 4001 began transitioning.  Gone was the “horseshoe” treble pickup, replaced by a “high-gain” pickup bobbin with a magnet underneath it, instead of the magnetized horseshoes on top.  Flat Grover tuners were substituted for Klusons, and were distinguishable due to the “ box” housing the tuning gears on the rear of the headstock and the wide metal bushings on the front.  This all original example dates to February 1969 and is one of the first such transition models.  In all other respects it is like its 1968 brethren, but with a very slightly shorter headstock, which would continue to “shrink” through 1972.  Also new for 1968/69 was the black tolex case with blue velveteen lining. OHSC







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Welcome to Ron's Vintage!