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Vox Starstream XII in Sunburst. This semi-hollow bodied guitar is also made in the teardrop shape with a zero fret and metal nut, and has two pickups and a number of unique features, including separate built-in controls for distortion/fuzz, treble boost, a variable “repeater” effect (like tremolo on an amp) and a “wah wah,” which functions with a slider switch and a compact triangular hand-control vibrato unit to create the “wah” effect. Comes with a backpad with circular plastic control access plate underneath. Fancy inlaid MOT headstock logo tops off this eccentric model, made in Italy in 1967. A favorite of Mike Campbell, who performs with this model, using all the features, and has called it “a whole studio in your guitar.” All original with grey OHSC.







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Welcome to Ron's Vintage!